Hi guys!

Last weekend I have been at the Extravaganxa and modeled for Morgaine La Chatte :)

As I had a photo shoot with Jessica Prautsch earlier that day I asked Nina, the lovely designer behind Morgaine La Chatte, if I could take that amazing white corset with the black butterflies to the shoot with me. Lucky me: she also let me wear it during the show! <3
The evening before I created a crown for my shoot and as I loved it so much I decided to make a matching one for my lovely friend Aurelia Isabella who was on stage with me.

As always the show was over way too fast but it was wonderful :)

Aurelia Isabella & me <3

with super cute Nera Nocturna Flâneura <3

What I love most about events like that: You always meet so many wonderful people there and it always is so much fun to be in the backstage area. Well, unfortunately the room was much too small. We were three labels (Morgaine La Chatte, Boombastic Rubber and AMF) and it was not possible to get all of us into that room. The last time I was at a fashion show at the Catonium the room was at least three times as big or even more. I hope they will remember that next time...
Anyway, we had a lot of fun, got some wonderful vegetarian food that Nina brought for us and everyone just looked so gorgeous!
I am afraid no one filmed the show but at least I was able to watch the girls perform for Boombastic Rubber and the show was just amazing!

I just love Fräulein Gore & Romy van Faria :)

Actually Aurelia and me had planned to stay much longer but as both of us didn't feel very well we had to leave the party right after Boombastic Rubbers show :(
I loved the music and all the wonderful people there were so great so I would have loved to stay much longer... I hope to be there again next time!

And finally: On stage!
Photo by Heinrich von Schimmer

Hugs to all of you!

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