The secret of my curves!

Hi guys!

So many girls are asking how to get a figure like mine... well, I think it is pretty simple:
- Eat lots of chocolate and other sweets
- Don't do any sports
- Wait and see what happens


Well, for being honest: at the moment it is pretty close to that.
I love to eat chocolate and apart from that I mostly eat fruits, vegetables, bread, corn flakes, salad, pizza or pasta and stuff like that. I don't eat meat or fish - I always found it pretty disgusting to eat a dead animal so I have been vegetarian since I was a little girl.
I don't eat much because very often I am too lazy to cook and also I don't feel hungry very often. So usually I only have some fruits for dinner or don't even eat in the evening because I am just too lazy or too busy and just forget to eat.

For those who don't eat many fruits or vegetables: You feel much better when you take some vitamin pills from time to time!

About a workout:
I love to go out and dance so I did a lot of bellydancing, aerobic and zumba. Unfortunately I have a problem with my left hip joint and couldn't do any sports for the last four months. Finally the doctors found out what the problem is and I can slowly start with sports again - and I can also wear high heels again wich luckily helps against the pain :)
Something I am very happy about: I always have the same figure, no matter if I eat chocolate or if I do sports or whatever. So all in all I don't do much sports, especially in the last months.
You see: I am a bit lazy ;)
I have a rather normal BMI, I have natural curves and I like my body the way it is. I don't care how thin other girls are and what fashion magazines tell you about what you should look like. I just live my life, eat what I want and do sports when I feel like it - but I don't care much about being thin, as long as I fit into my jeans.

Oh and by the way...
Some years ago, before I have been into modeling, I didn't like my look and my figure and I wouldn't have thought that my face might be beautiful enough to become a model. Just like so many other girls that send me messages today...
One day I started taking photos with my friends - just for fun and people said they liked it. I got motivated and then, another day, I had my first "real" shoot with a photographer from my town - he told me that I was too fat and too short because if there were any other models in town he would prefer to shoot high and thin models who would do nudes with him (which I don't do anyway).
That was a bit like a punch in the face but I decided not to believe in what he told me and just do what I like. Soon I found many photographers who never said anything like this and took better photos anyway.

At that point modeling was not that important for me and I didn't see why I should get thin for someone else.
Today modeling is my biggest passion and some people book me exactly because of my curves. Pretty cool :)

So my message to all the girls out there:
Accept your body the way it is, learn to love it and do what makes you happy - not what fashion magazines or stupid people tell you!
If you want to hold a diet that is fine but you should do it for yourself and not for others! I don't see why one has to be thin just because other people say so... one can be a model even with a curvy body  - or let's rather say: because of it!
Also I think that corsets look much better when you have some curves ;)

Before people start to say I wouldn't like thin girls: I do! Of course it is great if you are thin and you like it but I am just speaking for myself and saying how I live my life. I just prefer having curves to being thin :)

Photos by Alex Blyg & Pink Pixel Photography


  1. I simply adore Your style, Your beauty <3 such a great inspiration from this post, thank you, dear:* Lots and lots of kisses straight from Poland :)

    1. Thank you very much for your compliment and your lovely words! Kisses back from germany :)

  2. Glad to know that you've been able to love your figure, which is quite beautiful, by the way. Your work is amazing, and you set a great example for potential models on their way.

  3. I'm proud of you! There should be more girls out there, with the same attitude.
    Keep up with your style and the photos, they are amazing!

    Btw. I'm also rather attracted to "curvy" girls ;)

  4. Thank your for that post - women with curves are very beautiful. Well, I think women of all sizes can be beautiful - it very much depends on how they care for themselves, and how they think of themselves. In my opinion, that is. :)
    You are very beautiful, and thank you for an inspiring post! I myself, am not skinny, and a bit over the normal bmi-thing, bu I have learned to be happy no matter what I weigh - but I do rather want to take care of myself and not become too heavy. :)
    Anyway - thanks again. :)