Lates News!

Hi guys!

I will try to keep this short as I am always so busy that my days are passing so incredibly fast... Especially the october is nearly over before I even realized it and I really don't know how to reply to everyone so sorry for those who are waiting! At least here is a little blog entry about what I did lately:

Actually, I didn't have many shoots in the last two months. I took a little break in september and only had two photo shoots in october: one with amazing Heiner Seemann and one with the wonderful Annie Bertram and my lovely friend Aurelia Isabella! Here are some of the results that you might already have seen on facebook:

Photo: Annie Bertram - Fangs: Father Sebastian - Coat: Carmen Martinez
I TOTALLY love these fangs <3

Photo: Heiner Seemann - Outfit: Carmen Martinez

I will of course make some longer entries as soon as I find the time ;)
When I visited Heiner we also shot an amazing set for Morgaine La Chatte - wished I could show it to you right now but I can't =/ At least I can show you a little preview and I hope to see some of you at the Extravaganxa on saturday! I am sooo looking forward to the Morgaine la Chatte Fashion Show and will meet so many amazing people there! *squee*
Also, there will be another photo shoot on saturday before the show but that will be another story ^.^

Little preview - photo by Heiner Seemann =)

oh and by the way... look at my new shoes!
Fun fact: I absolutely hate shoes and I HATE to go to a shop when I ned new ones. Usually I get frustrated within one or two minutes and directly leave the shop^^ I only like them when they are very high and / or sparkling. This time I went to Deichmann because wanted to buy some warm shoes for winter but well, I endet up with these ones... anyway, it was love at the first sight! Not only beautiful but also comfortable <3 For the union-jack-lovers: yes, they are also available in another color ;)

Well, that's it about "I will try to keep this short" :D

Good night guys!


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