My Review: Amphi Festival Weekend

Hi guys :)

As I told you I was at the Amphi Festival and well, it was amazing :)

On Friday I had a gorgeous photo shoot with Hanja Litzba and we shot round about eight sets - here is the first result! I am wearing a corset by Carmen Martinez and this gorgeous headdress by Posh Fairytale Couture. I am sooo in love with these photos!

On saturday Myra Snöflinga, her boyfriend, his brother and me went to the festival. We started our weekend with a little photo shoot with Lycilia and Andre M. Hünseler. I really love the photos and am happy to finally have some beautiful ones with cute Myra <3
I am wearing my custom-made corset by Royal Black, a jacket by Carmen Martinez and I sewed the dress myself to go with the corset.

Also I met Father Sebastian who makes these amazing vampire fangs - and I got my own :) I already have some nice ideas for photos and can't wait to shoot them :)
I met so many friends on saturday! Unfortunately I don't have photos of all of them and next to these beautiful girls on the photos I was pretty much impressed by Hanna Mayer in her bridal corset <3 Check out her blog, by the way!

Myra Snöflinga <3 She is wearing an outfit by

Sunday was just as cool as saturday - as the outfit that I wanted to wear didn't look as good as I thought I was very happy about having my other dress with me - the one that I made for the WGT before. I so love it together with that Royal Black corset :)

Here are some more photos for you:

Doesn't Myras beautiful friend on the left look just like Xena? :)

Well, what else to say about the Amphi festival... I missed some friends who unfortunately couldn't make it, I had my camera with me but as always I totally forgot to take any photos and I am sooo happy that it didn't rain. Oh and I didn't see even one concert ^^
Thanks so much to the awesome people from Carmen Martinez for making it possible for me to come to the festival (and for always sending me these amazing clothes ;) )!

On monday I had a photo shoot with Viola Odorata wich was pretty awesome, too. Here is the first result - we were at a beautiful graveyard and I am wearing a sparkling dress by Johanna Macht. I so love her designs!

Well, you see that this weekend has been amazing - but of course there had to be something that didn't work the way I had planned:
On my way back I had some trouble with my car. I didn't have an accident or anything, it just doesn't work anymore and I had to stop my trip in Hannover. Luckily my awesome friend Jumeria came to take me home with her (thank you SO much my dear! <3) and I got home the next day... my car is stil in Hannover and I have to buy a new one now but I hope that I will get it all sorted next week. My dad already watched out for a new car :)
Unfortunately I had to cancel some photo shoots because of this but well, I think I have lots of other photos that I can show :)

That's pretty much it... now I am really looking forward to the Wacken Open Air next week and I hope to see some of you there! :) I will be working there at the Busstop from monday to friday, will meet so many gorgeous people there and visit some concerts - I am especially looking forward to the Kamelot concert as they really are one of my favourite bands... or let's say they are my favourite :)

Hugs to you guys!


  1. You are so beautiful and your style is perfect! I wish I knew how to do hairstyles like yours! Do you have any advice for creating high hairstyles?

  2. wunderschön edel schaust Du aus und super Bilder zeigst Du. Schade, dass kein Bild dabei ist, in dem man Deine wunderschönen Fingernägel näher sieht.