Some photos for you while I leave for WGT :)

Hi guys :)

I have been editing lots of photos of several shoots with Ingo Sommer lately and thought I should share some of them before I take my bags and my friend Aurelia Isabella to start my trip to the lovely Jumeria - and tomorrow the three of us will travel to Leipzig and have a great weekend at the WGT <3 I have never been there before and am really looking forward to it as I wanted to go there forever and plan to meet so many amazing people. *Squee*

See you next week! And this time I'll take my camera with me - I hope I don't forget to take some photos :)

Body: Levante
Outfit: Gothic Burlesque

Wig & Accessoires: Jumeria

Corset & Shrug: Royal Black
Outfit: Isabeau Ouvert
Outfit: Carmen Martinez

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