Creative day =)

Hi guys!

As there are only two weeks left until WGT I thought it would be good to work on my outfits :) Today I finished one of the dresses that I want to wear and am just thinking about creating a matching choker.
Also I am pretty excited because I will get a new corset made to measure by Royal Black Couture & Corsetry to go with my dress <3 I got the prototype some days ago and am totally in love with it as it is so incredibly comfy :)

Another Outfit that I am going to wear:
Photos by Hanja Litzba
I already finished this dress a while ago and had some help by my lovely friend Jumeria who also helped me out with crystals, border and flowers <3 The fabric is patent leather with a lace overlay which is a pretty nice effect. The corset is the very first corset I ever bought and is made by revanche de la femme. It actually is a bit too big but I stil love it very much :)

Also Jumeria and me were shopping at Primark - like everytime I visit her^^ I always waste so much money there and of course I had to buy some high heels that I could use for crafting (I think everytime I leave Primark with at least four new pairs of shoes xD). These were normal black ones before and I think they go pretty good with the dress now:

I actually never tried to walk in these but hope that they are comfy... most of the heels I got from Primark are awesome and I can danse all night in them but others are horrible and only look good on a photo. So let's hope the best ;)

Also I planned to sew another dress, made of red velvet and black lace but I didn't recieve the lace yet... I HOPE to get it this week so that I can sew it next sunday, otherwise I am not sure what else to wear - but eventually I might find something in one of my two giant wardrobes. Isn't it always the same with us? Thousands of clothes but nothing to wear!


  1. Ohhhhhh! Schön, schön schön ♥
    Ich bin sooo gespannt auf dich, saust du denn wegen dem Fetishball zwischen Berlin und Leipzig hin und her?

    1. Ich werd am Sonntag gegen Mittag irgendwann schon verschwinden weil die Show erst Sontag nacht ist und danach geht es dann direkt wieder richtung Norden :)
      Ich bin auch schon sehr gespannt! <3

  2. Ich seh schon, es war gut Dir damals von Primark zu erzählen :p

    1. Hihi ich hab diese Läden schon so geliebt als ich in Irland war :D