Festivalseason is coming!

Hi guys :)

Actually there are sooo many things I would like to tell you about but I just don't have the time to write them all down because I am so busy at the moment :(

Right now I should learn for my tests next week but I am too excited after I had a gorgeous shooting for a movie - wearing my favourite dress by Carmen Martinez and walking barefoot in a cold forest - pretty cold but the results I saw so far where totally worth it and I can't wait for the film to be finished <3

Also, some people asked me if I would visit any festivals this year.
YES! :)
You might see me at the WGT, GFB (I will be part of the Isabeau Ouvert Latex Fashion show :) ), M'era Luna, Amphi Festival, Wacken Open Air and at the Elf Fantasy Fair in autumn. Quite a lot but I am really looking forward to every single one <3
I'm already working on some beautiful dresses and finished the first two oufits. I will post some photos, soon.
Are you going to be at any of them? Let me know ;)

Thanks a lot to Alex Blyg for this photo =)
It is from our first shooting in 2010 and I stil love it sooo much!


  1. Oh super, vielleicht sieht man sich auf dem WGT!!! WÜrde mich riesig freuen (falls ich mich traue dich anzuquaken...) ^^

    1. Oh ja das wär schön :) Quatsch mich mal an, nicht, dass ich dich sonst nachher noch übersehe vor lauter Leuten - bin da nämlich voll der Profi drin ;)

    2. allright! Wenn ich dich erspähe, dann mache ich das ^^

    3. Juhu :)
      ...ich bin die mit den Haaren, schwer zu übersehen ;)

  2. sehen uns spätestens auf dem mera meine süße :*