Another shooting for Boombastic Rubber

Hi guys!

On saturday I went to Hamburg to visit Inger Diederich and Asmondena to shoot some amazing outfits for Boombastic Rubber :)
The first set was a white catuit + corset and I had planned a rather easy styling in red, white and black because the catsuit reminded me a little bit of snow white. I must say that I was a bit afraid that I would look horrible in white (you know, white is not a colour that makes you look thin xD) but when I looked into the mirror I absolutely LOVED the outfit.

Then we had a sparkling body with lots of little crystals, the purple body I already shot with Hanja + matching pants (I SO love this body! You can already buy it here )

 And finally the last ouftit: the body I was wearing at the Fetish Evolution and that I already shot with Hanja, too - this time just without the skirt and corset.

Inger & me <3
After our shooting I felt every single bone in my body, I think that I have never been so tired before... I bet the reason were my bunnies who were partying all night so that I didn't sleep very much, maybe three hours or less. I really need to find a new flat with a room for myself and another one for my bunnies... and a third one for all my clothes ;)

I am really looking forward to see the finished photos as I really love Ingers work and think that the photos she took for Boombastic Rubber so far are pretty amazing. You will see lots of other works of us in future as we already talked about the next shootings for Boombastic Rubber :)

Inger in action :)

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