No title today ;)

Hi guys :)

Actually I don't have much to tell lately, I didn't have many shootings as I really like to relax, meet friends and sew some clothes. At the moment I am working on a beautiful dress that I want to wear at the fetish evolution, I hope it will turn out the way I planned ^.^

Today I would like to share some photos from my latest shooting with Heiner Seemann for Carmen Martinez :)
The beautiful collars you see in three of the photos are made by PinkAbsinthe - check out her amazing shop!

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  1. Really, Madame, you spoils us once again with these magnificent pics of you!
    Thanks so much for sharing your beauty!
    My favorite today is (difficult choice between all these marvels) the one were you are wearing white; I just love the fabulous frills of the white collar and the gorgeous lace of the corset like top! And naturally your lovely face so superbly made-up (If only I knew someone to help me with mine!)
    You are the best, but I guess I only repeat myself here!
    *deep curtsy*