DeviantArtWorks II

Hey there :)

Actually I had planned to be on a photoshoot this weekend, just as last weekend but they were both cancelled. Last weekend it was me who cancelled the shoot because I had some trouble with my car but the best dad in the world fixed it for me :)
I must say that I really like relaxing this weekend and think I will do that more often ^.^
This means there will be less photoshoots in future but I decided that IF I shoot I will work a lot harder for that and also I think that I will start sewing more outfits myself. Right now I am working on one of my outfits for the WGT and it looks pretty good so far :)

So today I had some time to write my blog and also thought about sharing some artworks with you that other people made with my photos.

You may know about my stock account at deviantArt - I created it because so many people asked me if I would allow them to edit my photos. So La-esmeralda-stock is the place where I upload unretouched photos that everyone can use as long as he follows the rules that I wrote down there :)

There are so many gorgeous artists that use my photos for their artworks and I love to see all the beautiful results they upload there. You can find most of the works *here* and I also posted another blog entry before that you can find *here*.

So here are some of my favourites from the last weeks / months, I hope you like them! Check out these artists galleries for more amazing stuff!

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