Sunday Driver

Hey guys :)

Today I would like to share some photos I shot with Lux Profundi. I really love this series with the white Morgan and the amazing outfits made by gothic Burlesque.
And no, we have NOT been in the netherlands - there are lots of wind mills in germany, too ;)

By the way - in october we had an amazing shooting for Lux Profundis new calendar. We went to an indoor playground with 5 other amazing models and shot all the 12 sets in only one night!

You can get the calendar at -wouldn't that be an amazing christmas gift for all your friends? ;)

Next to me you will find some photos of the lovely Myra Snöflinga, Prestige Mieze, Kaettchen, Domino 13 and Hanni Honeymoon in the calendar <3
 Thanks a lot to Carmen Martinez, Amatoris Latex Couture and Gothic Burlesque for giving some of the outfits! 

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