Lux Profundi Calendar Shoot

Hi there :)

Myra Snöflinga & me <3
Outfits: Amatoris Latex Couture

 Actually I wanted to write about our shooting for the Lux Profundi Calendar 2012 earier but somehow I forgot...  Stil I have some lovely photos that I would like to share :)

In the beginning of octobre we had a wonderful shooting for Lux' new calendar together with five other cute girls - Myra Snöflinga, Prestige Mieze, Kaettchen, Hanny Hannymoon and Domino13 :)

We were at the Ballorig in Sulingen which is an awesome shooting location and we shot 12 sets in round about seven hours. Each girl was wearing two outfits and we used nearly all locations that were available at the Ballorig :)
Before that we had a lovely afternoon at Lux' house with lots of make-up, cake and other sweets ^.^

You can get the calendar at - wouldn't that be an amazing christmas gift for your friends or just for yourself? ;)

Prestige Mieze was so kind to take some making off pictures and allowed me to show some of them to you:

first shooting set
my Outfit: Gothic Burlesque

domino the sweet glitterfairy <3

make-up chaos ^^
hanni honeymoon <3

An amazing team <3 Love you girls!

This is one of the photos in the calendar :)

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