It was BOOMbastic

Hey there :)

As I stil have to stay in bed I thought it would be nice to update my blog and post some stuff about shootings I had in the last weeks ;)

Last month I have been in Hamburg to shoot some amazing latex creations for Boombastic Rubber. I spent the day in an amazing hotel together with photographer Bommy and the designer & model Asmondena.

I have never worn a catsuit before and must say that I really love wearing catsuits - I felt like some kind of super hero xD But well, I am not sure if the reason for that was that it was a catsuit or the fact that it was latex which always makes me feel like that *gg*

Well, nothing really left to say so I hope you enyoy the photos. I can't wait for our next project in january wich hopefully will be even better than the last one as I have had a flew and it had not really been one of my best days... Anyway, I absolutely love our results <3

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