Second shooting with Ingo Sommer

Hi there :)

on saturday I had my second shooting with Ingo Sommer - it was amazing, just like the other shooting we had only a few weeks ago :)

This time I was wearing three amazing dresses by Amatoris Latex Couture and I would like to share the first two photos that I really love:

Also I have been wearing three wonderful outfits by Gothic Burlesque (UK) - you may remember this amazing outfit I shot with Lux Profundi before and the other outfits are just as gorgeous as this one. ->

I can't wait to show you the other results of our shooting... I actually took some backstage photos but I can't show them to you because I just don't find the cable for my phone :(
Hihi... by the way: when we shot the last set I felt like a sparkling fairy- and I bet there stil is a lot of glitter in Ingos studio xD

Here are some results of our first shooting - LOTS more to come :)

Latex by Isabeau Ouvert - next time I wear this I will have some matching stockings, too ;)
adorning the corset was a lot of work - I LOVE how it turned out and think that I might make similar ones, soon :)
Mask & Corset by Carmen Martinez <3

You can see more at my facebook fanpage, my gallery at deviantart and at, soon!

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