Catwalk in Berlin for Slacks Fashion

Hi there :)

I have been so busy lately and didn't have the time to write my blog... Anyway, I want to tell you about awesome things that happened a while ago so let's start with this:

Last month I was in Berlin because there was a film festival (Contravision 2011) where Slacks Fashion presented their awesome creations - and I was one of the models <3

We got styled in the Slacks Fashion Boutique and after that we used the subway to drive to the show where we put on the outfits and waited ages until we could start performing.
As always, time passes two quickly on the catwalk and even if all of us wore three outfits it felt like it all was over in only a few minutes ^^
The show was brilliant, by the way and the outfits where amazing - but if you know Slacks Fashion you wouldn't expect anything else :)
If not: Check out their shop! Now! :)

And finally, here are some photos of that day :)
Before the show
The cute Monique de Lys & me <3

Rona Roxana, Melanie, Monique de Lys, Abby Insanity & Aurelia Isabella
"Let me prodly present: Slacks Fashion"
my first Performance
second outfit <3

Well, I told you we all wore three outfits... the third one was awesome, too but I didn't get a good photo yet.
I will show it to you later, as soon as I have one :)

   After the show - with the wonderful Claudine Conradi =)
After the show with the guy who organized the film festival - and I think the other girl is is girlfriend ;)

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  1. It was such a lovely event! Nice that I´ve found your blog! Have seen your comment on Jumerias new post. ;)