Latest Shootings

Hi there :)

After a little break I started making photos again which I really missed the last months. I have been so busy with lots of private things that my head was full with other things than creative ideas for photo shoots - which I really hated. But here we go again =)


I started with some new photos for my stock account on sunday, I already uploaded the first ones to my account on deviantArt:

Outfit: Carmen Martinez <3

More will come, soon :)


On Tuesday I had a boudoir shooting with the lovely Pink Pixel Photography and here are some of the first results of that shooting, I really like how they turned out and am looking forward to work with her again - I am currently working on the outfit I am going to wear when we shoot again :)


On wednesday I went to Norderstedt to shoot a new stocking line by Levante which will be called "Glamory".
It was a wonderful day with a lovely team of six people - photographer Florian Gobets, the cute MUA Anna Pokrywiec, three guys of Levante Germany and me. So if you ever go to a stocking store again watch out for my photos on the wrapping ;)
I will post some photos as soon as I have them. And let me tell you - I love Levante, their legwear is absolutely comfy and you really should try it <3

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