M'era Luna 2011

Hi guys :)
pretty late but finally here are some impressions from M'era Luna festival - it was awesome!
We arrived on friday evening and even if I hate camping we did that all days and went back home on sunday evening when the concert of "Hurts" started.
Saturday was the most exciting day: The day of the Mera Luna Fashion Show! I was on stage for Black Jewels Clothing and just everybody looked sooo awesome. I met lots of cute girls and I hope to see them again, soon :)
Obviously, Eva was inspired by the models themselves to create the outfits - because everything just matched so perfectly with the girl who presented it and for my part I wouldn't now which of her outfits would suit me better than the one I got.
On top of that the gorgeous Mela von Winter did our hair and make-up and as you can see she did an awesome job. She even created all the eyelashes for the show herself!

Soon the Hangar was full of people and we all got pretty excited and even if it's just a minute on stage these Moments are absolutely awesome and I will never forget the show. I am looking forward to all the shows I will ever be part of - the next on will be in september :)

And finally, here are some photos for you:

On the Catwalk =)
Thx to gwali-graphie for the photos

Eva & the girls
Elisabeth Bathory & me before the show <3
Lovely Jael Miro & me

Hannah and me after the Show =)
I sooo love her outfit... its from artifice clothing btw ;)

I didn't manage it to see at least one concert but well... sunday was awesome, too because I met lots of lovely people :)

Lux Profundi & Me
Sunday afternoon

I can't wait to be at the M'era Luna again and hope to see you there next year!


  1. Echt wunderschöne Bilder!!!
    Ich liebe deine Haare *.* bis meine so lang sind (und gesund) werde ich wohl noch Ewigkeiten brauchen...
    jaja... das Mera... ich wohne nicht weit von Hildesheim entfernt, wäre also so nicht das Problem dahin zu kommen (wollte ja auch eigentlich) nur der Preis hat mich dann doch etwas abgeschreckt^^

  2. Huch, da bin ja sogar ich dabei.:) *freu*

    Du sahst auch einfach so toll aus und ich fand es so toll, Dich mal persönlich kennenlernen zu können.:)