Pin-up time

Hi there :)

I have not had much time for photoshoots the last weeks because I was pretty busy with my "normal" life but a while ago I had a lovely shooting with LuxProfundi in this wonderful outfit by Carmen Martinez.

I will show you the results, soon but for now I have some stock photos for you in the dress I was also wearing during my shooting with Lux.

Check out my stock account for more photos of this set:

There will be lots of new photos, soon - not only pin-up 
stuff but also fairytale & fantasy stuff and lots of other things =)

I had two more pin-up dresses which I will upload to my stock account, soon and I also plan to make a contest with this theme.

Means: edit my photos and win something or at least have fun with it =)
I will tell you as soon as I have more details ;)


  1. Die beiden Bilder außen sind ja zuckersüß.:) Werden die noch bearbeitet veröffentlicht?

    Hannah <3

  2. Dieser Kommentar wurde vom Autor entfernt.

  3. naja es sind stock fotos - mal sehen ob ich die selber noch bearbeite aber eigentlich sind sie für diejenigen gedacht die mal selber damit basteln möchten, ich hab für sowas im moment ja leider keine zeit =/
    aber danke ;)